35 Best Funny Animal Videos on YouTube (2024)

35 Best Funny Animal Videos on YouTube

YouTube is a great place to have a little bit fun when you’re boredor have nothing to do. The Google’s video service contains all kinds of funny videos, among which the clips with funny animals take a prominent place.

Do you know that some YouTube music videos by popular artists have less views than a short video with a jumping cat? The magic of funny animal videos is still unintelligible. As a result of it, we have millions of YouTubeadmirers of cute and amazing pets. Want to jointhem? Check our top 35 hilarious YouTube videos with animals: cats, dogs, other animals.

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15 Funny Videos with Cats

Cats are the most likable social media characters. They are so niceandfluffy, that we can’t stop being touched when we find them in akward and funny situations. If there was a special prize for most incident-makers, our feline friendswould definitely win it!

1. Sleeping kitten

The first video shows a sleeping kitten and its caring mom. Very touching!

Views: 58M+

Published: 2011

2. Jumping fail

An unlucky cat tries to make an epic jump but fails.

Views: 9.8M+

Published: 2013

3.Cat soothing a crying baby to sleep

Cats can be great babysitters, check yourself by watching the video.

Views: 16.9M+

Published: 2011

4. Avery angry cat

Cats can be not only sweet and pleasant but angry! Don’t be afraid of the following hero.


Published: 2006

5. Cat playing thekeyboard

Canyour cat play the keyboard? Show it this funny video to motivate to learn it.


Published: 2007

6.The OMG Cat

This cat is so surprised that can’t close the mouth.

Views: 23M+

Published: 2010

7.Cats playing patty-cake

A popular kid’s game is performed by two awesome cats. Dubbing is well-done!

Views: 20.9M+

Published: 2010

8. Talking cat

A cat is trying to tell something important. Who can translate?

Views: 26M+

Published: 2006

9. Dubstep cat

A feline dubstep lover is showing its best plasticityandsense of rhythm.


Published: 2013

10. Cat-batman

A cat was long hiding behind the cloths and then decided to fly like a batman.

Views: 17M+

Published: 2012

11.Feline border dispute

When two cats meet, a border dispute usually begins.

Views: 11.5M+

Published: 2010

12.Maru and smallboxes

Thefamous cat Maru is practicing filling itself into small boxes.


Published: 2010

13. Puppy attempts toreclaim bed from cat

The cat is serene andruthless. Poor silly dog!

Views: 4.4M+

Published: 2015

14. Praying cat

What can a cat be dreaming about when it sleeps? Watch the video below and learn.

Views: 24.8M+

Published: 2008

15.Kitten refuses to leave awarm bath

Usually cats don’t love taking baths. For this one it seems the most favorite occupation.

Views: 300K+

Published: 2013

8Amazing Videos with Dogs

Dogs are definitely the runners-up, after the cats, of course. They can perform really intricate tricks with their faithful eyes and wagging tails.

16.Ultimate dog tease

A dog can become aninteresting companionto talk to. The hero below proves it.


Published: 2011

17.Guilty dog

Watch a funny investigation in which dogs are the main suspects.

Views: 43.8M+

Published: 2011

18.Sleep walking dog

Like people, dogs also see dreams and even be sleep walking.

Views: 33M+

Published: 2009

19.Two dogs dining

This hilarious videos shows two dogs with people’s hands who decided to habe dinner and talk a bit.

Views: 28M+

Published: 2011

20.Golden retriever really wants to race but…

A simple competiton may turn into a real challenge when there are so manytemptations around.

Views: 16.6M+

Published: 2014

21.Dog likes his belly tickled

A lovely terrier dog is playing with its owner who loves tickling its belly.

Views: 7M+

Published: 2011

22.Puppy shower

What a bliss is to take a shower like that!

Views: 10.4M+

Published: 2014

23. Husky playing in leaves

Autumn is a great time to run about in the pile of leaves.


Published: 2012

12 Humorous Videos with Other Animals

24. Sweet hedgehog

Do you like hedgehogs? They are so nice, when they sniff! This hedgehog is really sweet too, but not very quick-witted.

Views: 4.9M+

Published: 2012

25. Laughable foxes

These foxes are smart, red, very hilarious!


Published: 2008

26. Cunning octopus

Can an octopus be the reason for your laugh? Definitely, it can!


Published: 2010

27.Chameleon was frightened by iPhone

Don’t show an iPhone to chameleon, it maystress the animal.


Published: 2011

28.Big cats like boxes

Small cats definitely love boxes. The big ones also do, but the boxes shouldn’t be small!


Published: 2013

29.Raccoon plays sprinkler harp

Who said that racoons couldn’t become great musicians?


Published: 2013

30. Monkey drinking milk

Don’t try to take away a monkey’s milk, you’ll be punished.


Published: 2009

31. Funny owl face

Can you do such a face?


Published: 2014

32.Kangaroo street fight

In Australia this is a common scene.


Published: 2014

33.Baby elephant rides his mother

Babies are always babies, even if they are elephants.


Published: 2010

34. Loris loves getting tickled

Finished tickling a dog? Proceed with a loris.


Published: 2009

35.Crazy cockatoo on the kitchen floor

Perhaps, acockatoo doesn’t like that the floor is dirty or tooslippery.


Published: 2010

Hope you have a dozen minutes of fun watching these hilarious videos. If your pet is also a YouTube star, just shoot small videos and combine them for YouTube upload with this video joiner.



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As an expert and enthusiast, I have access to a vast amount of information on various topics, including funny animal videos on YouTube. I can provide insights and answer questions related to the concepts mentioned in this article. Let's dive into the details!

Funny Animal Videos on YouTube

This article discusses the popularity of funny animal videos on YouTube and provides a list of 35 hilarious videos featuring cats, dogs, and other animals. These videos have gained millions of views and have become popular among YouTube users.

The article highlights that funny animal videos have a unique appeal and can be a source of entertainment when people are bored or looking for a laugh. The videos often capture animals in funny and awkward situations, which can be endearing and relatable to viewers.

Cats in Funny Videos

Cats are particularly popular in funny animal videos on YouTube. They are known for their adorable and fluffy appearance, which makes them likable social media characters. The article mentions several funny cat videos, including:

  1. Sleeping kitten: This video shows a sleeping kitten and its caring mom.
  2. Jumping fail: An unlucky cat attempts to make an epic jump but fails.
  3. Cat soothing a crying baby to sleep: Cats can be great babysitters, as shown in this video.
  4. Avery angry cat: Cats can display anger too, as seen in this video .
  5. Cat playing the keyboard: This video showcases a cat's talent for playing the keyboard.
  6. The OMG Cat: This video captures a cat's surprised expression.
  7. Cats playing patty-cake: Two cats perform a popular kid's game in this video.
  8. Talking cat: A cat attempts to communicate something important in this video.
  9. Dubstep cat: This video features a cat with a love for dubstep music.
  10. Cat-batman: A cat hides behind clothes and then flies like Batman in this video.
  11. Feline border dispute: When two cats meet, a border dispute usually begins, as shown in this video [[11]].
  12. Maru and small boxes: The famous cat Maru practices fitting into small boxes in this video [[12]].
  13. Puppy attempts to reclaim bed from cat: A cat shows its dominance over a silly dog in this video [[13]].
  14. Praying cat: This video captures a cat in a dream-like state while sleeping [[14]].
  15. Kitten refuses to leave a warm bath: This video shows a kitten's love for warm baths [[15]].

Dogs in Funny Videos

Dogs are also popular subjects in funny animal videos on YouTube. They are known for their loyalty and ability to perform intricate tricks. Some funny dog videos mentioned in the article include:

  1. Ultimate dog tease: This video showcases a dog as an interesting companion to talk to [[16]].
  2. Guilty dog: A funny investigation involving dogs as the main suspects is shown in this video [[17]].
  3. Sleepwalking dog: Dogs can also experience dreams and even sleepwalk, as seen in this video [[18]].
  4. Two dogs dining: This hilarious video features two dogs with people's hands having dinner and a conversation [[19]].
  5. Golden retriever really wants to race but...: A simple competition becomes a challenge for a golden retriever due to various temptations, as shown in this video [[20]].
  6. Dog likes his belly tickled: A lovely terrier dog enjoys having its belly tickled in this video [[21]].
  7. Puppy shower: This video captures the bliss of a puppy taking a shower [[22]].
  8. Husky playing in leaves: An autumn-themed video shows a husky playing in a pile of leaves [[23]].

Other Animals in Funny Videos

The article also mentions funny videos featuring other animals, such as hedgehogs, foxes, octopuses, chameleons, big cats, raccoons, monkeys, owls, kangaroos, baby elephants, lorises, and cockatoos. These videos showcase the unique and amusing behaviors of these animals.


Funny animal videos on YouTube have gained immense popularity due to their ability to entertain and bring joy to viewers. Cats and dogs, in particular, are often featured in these videos, showcasing their funny and adorable antics. Other animals also make appearances, providing a diverse range of humorous content. If you're looking for a good laugh, these videos can be a great source of entertainment.

Please note that the information provided above is based on this article, and the specific details and views expressed in the videos may vary. Enjoy watching these funny animal videos on YouTube!

35 Best Funny Animal Videos on YouTube (2024)


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