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Birding Kerala

Sandwiched between the lofty green-shrouded Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea lies Kerala, the quiet mystic – Gods Own Country. Kerala is well endowed with avifauna as nearly 500 species of resident and migratory birds abound in this area. Lush green tropical forests, numerous freshwater and brackish lakes and waterlogged paddy fields form the major birding habitats of this region. Since the time when Prof:K.K.Neelakantan first mesmerised a wide audience with his entertaining books in Malayalam; birdwatching has caught the public imagination. Kerala is both literally and metaphorically lush! Out of the sticky heat it feels as if the plants are growing as you watch and you will not be disappointed with the birds.The new Kerala mailing list is the result of growing interest in birding and provides a digital habitat for birders of Kerala.

Top Sites

  • Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

    Satellite View

    Kumarakom is a large backwater lagoon. While moving around the lagoon, you are likely to see White-breasted Kingfisher, Pied Kingfisher, Small Blue Kingfisher, Little Cormorant, White-breasted Waterhen, Black Bittern, Chestnut Bitten, Little Egret, Cattle Egret and Median Egrets. You may also see Great Cormorants, Open-billed Storks, Grey Herons, Yellow Bitterns, White Ibis, Cotton Teal, Pheasant-tailed Jacanas, Koras, Black-caped Kingfishers, Ruddy Crakes, Gull-billed Terns and Shikras.

  • Periyar Tiger Reserve

    InformationSatellite View

    Parambikulam - Periyar is well located as a centre for seeing most of these ornithological specialties of the Western Ghats, as well as large numbers of other resident hill species and migrants. It is also one of the best-managed Tiger Reserves in the country and is home to large herds of elephants, bison, bears, leopards and tigers. Its attraction for birdwatchers is enhanced by the proximity of low-lying plains on three sides. There is considerable local migration of lowland species, often in the drier weather, up into the foothills, and several interesting examples of ecological counterparts in pairs of wet zone and dry zone species can be found, e.g. the Barbets. This is particularly noticeable at Thekkady, conveniently sited near the top of a steep 450m/1500ft ghat above the dry Tamil Nadu plain. In deciduous forest around Thekkady the commonest species in mixed foraging flocks are, in descending order Racket-tailed Drongo, Scarlet Minivet, Velvet-fronted Nuthatch, Bronzed Drongo, Grey Tit, Golden-backed Woodpeckers, White-bellied Treepie, Jungle Babbler, Indian Rufus Treepie, Yellow-browed Bulbul, Large Wood Shrike, Ashy Drongo, Small Minivet, Gold-fronted Leafbird, Small Green Barbet and a variety of Flowerpeckers. Other common birds include Orioles, Fairy Bluebird, Leaf Warbler, Flycatchers and Quaker Babbler. Almost all species recorded in the sanctuary can be seen at one time or another in the Tourist Zone, although it is necessary to climb to the grassy hilltops find some, such as Brown Pipit and Pied Bush Chat.

  • Silent Valley National Park

    WebsiteSatellite View

    The Silent Valley National Park is a unique preserve of natural rainforests. Within an area of 237. 52, it houses a rich mosaic of varied habitats. Out of these springs the amazing variety of life forms some of them endemic to the Western Ghats.

  • Thattekkad

    InformationSatellite View

    If one makes a birding trip to Kerala try not to miss out on Thattekkad - the only tropical bird sanctuary in India. Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, also known as Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, is 12 km NE of Kothamangalam in Ernakulam District, Kerala state, about 50 km east of Kochi. This is the prime birding destination in South India. Specialties here include Spot-bellied Eagle-Owl, Ceylon Frogmouth, Red Spurfowl, Bay Owl, Rufous Babbler, Blue-faced Malkoha, Brown-breasted, White-bellied Blue-tailed and Rusty-tailed Flycatchers, Grey-headed Bulbul and Wynad Laughing Thrush. Moreover, Thattekkad is ideal for seeing a good number of the 16 endemics of the Western Ghats. The more difficult birds are Wynad Laughing Thrush and Grey-headed Bulbul. Proceed to Orullathany, at one end of the reserve, for the Bulbul and Laughing Thrush. Also visit Edamalayar Power Plant land and the South side of the river for the owls, Streak-throated Woodpecker and Yellow-billed Babbler. Other notable species likely to be seen within the Reserve are Red Spurfowl, Ceylon Frogmouth, Blue-faced Malkoha, Blue-bearded Bee-eater, Malabar Grey Hornbill, White-bellied and Heart-spotted Woodpeckers, Rufous Babbler, White-bellied Blue Flycatcher, White-bellied Treepie and Black-throated Munia.

  • Thrissur Kole Wetlands

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    Kole Wetlands are a winter wildfowl area of international importance. The Kol lands (marshlands & open paddy fields) surrounding the town of Thrissur and are famed for birding. The traditional farming lands of Central Kerala grow rice, coconuts and other spices. Here Red Avadavat, Streaked Weaver, Clamorous Reed Warbler, Malabar Lark, abound as do many water birds.

  • Wayanad Wildlife Santuary

    WebsiteSatellite View

    Established in 1973, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is contiguous to the protected area network of Nagarhole and Bandipur of Karnataka on the northeast and Mudumalai of Tamil Nadu on the southeast. Rich in bio diversity, the sanctuary is an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve , which has been established with the specific objective of conserving the biological heritage of the region. The sanctuary is rich in flora and fauna. The management lays emphasis on scientific conservation with due consideration for the general lifestyle of the tribals and others who live in and around the forest. Elephant, spotted deer. Bison, tiger, cheetah, wild bear etc. can be spotted here. Elephant rides are arranged by the Forest department.


  • Praveen Jayadevan


Number of Species

  • Number of bird species: 516

    (As at October 2018)

    State Bird: Great Hornbill Buceros bicornis


  • Number of endemics: 16 - 33Western Ghats Endemics

    Authorities agree that there are at least 16 species of bird endemic to the Western Ghats, they are:

    Nilgiri Woodpigeon Columba elphinstonii , Malabar Parakeet Psittacula columboides , Malabar Grey Hornbill Ocyceros griseus, White-bellied Treepie Dendrocitta leucogastra , Grey-headed Bulbul Pycnonotus priocephalus ,Broad-tailed Grassbird Schoenicola platyurus, Rufous Babbler Turdoides subrufa, Wayanad Laughing thrush Garrulax delesserti, Nilgiri Laughing thrush- black chinned Garrulax cachinnans, Kerala laughing thrushGarrulax fairbanki, Black-and-rufous Flycatcher Ficedula nigrorufa, Nilgiri Flycatcher Eumyias albicaudatus, White-bellied Blue-flycatcher Cyornis pallipes , Crimson-backed Sunbird Nectarinia minima, Nilgiri Pipit Anthus nilghiriensis, Nilgiri thrush Zoothera neilgherriensis.

    There are a further seventeen species, some recent 'splits' that some authorities also believe to be endemic to the Western Ghats, these are:

    Orange minivet Pericrocotus flammeus, Squire tailed Bulbul Hypsipetes ganeesa, Malabar Barbet Megalaima malabarica, White cheeked barbet Megalaima virids , Malabar wood shrike Tephrodornis sylvicola, Hill Swallow Hirundo domicola, Malabar lark Galerida malabarica, Flame throated Bulbul Pycnonotus gularis, Yellow throated Bulbul Pycnonotus xantholaemus, Yellow Browed Bulbul Acrytillas indica, Dark fronted Babbler Rhopocichla atriceps, Lesser Hill Mynah Gracula indica, Malabar Whistling Thrush Myophonus horsfieldii, Nilgiri Blue Robin White bellied short wing Myiomela major, White Bellied Blue Robin Myiomela albiventris, Nilgiri flower pecker Dicaeum concolor

    The majority of the above can be found in Kerala State.


Birds, Birding Trips and Birdwatching Tours in Kerala - Fat Birder (2)

  • iGoTerra Checklist

    iGoTerra Checklist

    Fatbirder Associate iGoTerra offers the most comprehensive and up to date birds lists on the web

Useful Reading

Birds, Birding Trips and Birdwatching Tours in Kerala - Fat Birder (3)

  • Backyard Birds of South India

    | By FXJ Pereira | Other India Press | 2006 | Paperback | 84 pages, colour photos | ISBN: 9788185569710 Buy this book from

  • Birds of Kerala

    | By KK Neelakantan & Uma Sathesan| Kerala Sahitya Akademi | 2021 | Hardback | 592 pages | ISBN: 9788195527861 Buy this book from


  • Cochin Natural History Society


    The Cochin Natural History Society is a non-profit making, non-political charitable institution registered under the Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955. This is a society of amateur naturalists who live in harmony with nature and seek to protect and to preserve the biodiversity and healthy natural environment. The mandate of the society is to undertake studies and documentation of biodiversity around us and to draw attention to the aesthetic, economic, scientific and conservation aspects.The society also intends to provide a platform to those who are concerned to come together and share, enlarge and correct our knowledge about Nature and its magnificence. Any person, who has a love, interest and commitment towards conservation of our biodiversity and natural history may become a member of the society.


Abbreviations Key

  • BS Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

    InformationSatellite View

    Kumarakom is a large backwater lagoon. While moving around the lagoon, you are likely to see White-breasted Kingfisher, Pied Kingfisher, Small Blue Kingfisher, Little Cormorant, White-breasted Waterhen, Black Bittern, Chestnut Bitten, Little Egret, Cattle Egret and Median Egrets. You may also see Great Cormorants, Open-billed Storks, Grey Herons, Yellow Bitterns, White Ibis, Cotton Teal, Pheasant-tailed Jacanas, Koras, Black-caped Kingfishers, Ruddy Crakes, Gull-billed Terns and Shikras.

  • BS Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary - Thattekad

    WebsiteSatellite View

    On the western side of the Indian subcontinent is the rainward side of the western ghats, a lush green part of the country watered by every passing cloud. Here lies the quiet but beautiful Kerala, haven for a wide variety of exotic flora and fauna. Thattekad, on the banks of the river Periyar, is a dense monsoon forest, not very far from the port town of Cochin. Salim Ali described it as the birder`s paradise. A plantation forest with teak, mahogany and fruit-bearing trees along with the natural wild tropical deciduous vegetation, it is home to nearly 350 species of birds, most notably the Malabar grey hornbill. Other exotic birds are the Ceylon frogmouth, Malabar trogon, White-bellied treepie and Heart-spotted woodpecker. Elephants also live here, happy with the easily accessible ponds on the side of the river. It is now protected as the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.

  • BS Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

    InformationSatellite View

    The Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary, one of the most important bird santuaries in South Idia, was established by Dr. Salim Ali, the famous ornithologist, in 1998. Thattekkad Sanctuary is situated in Kerala in the Devikulam Taluk of Idukki District…

  • NP Eravikulam

    InformationSatellite View

    Eravikulam National Park is a 97 km2 national park located along the Western Ghats in the Idukki and Ernakulam districts of Kerala in India.

  • NP Pampadum Shola

    InformationSatellite View

    Pampadum Shola National Park is the smallest national park in Kerala state, South India…

  • NP Silent Valley

    WebsiteSatellite View

    Silent Valley was declared as National Park in 1984 and formally inaugurated in the year 1985. Initially there was only 89.52 area under the Division which forms the core zone of the National Park. In 2007, an area of 148 was added to this Division as buffer zone.

  • NP WS TR Periyar

    InformationSatellite View

    Set high in the ranges of the Western Ghats, in God’s Own Country, Kerala, is the Periyar National Park and Tiger Reserve. Periyar wildlife sanctuary has a picturesque lake at the heart of the sanctuary. Formed with the building of a dam in 1895, this reservoir meanders around the contours of the wooded hills, providing a permanent source of water for the local wildlife. Though its a Tiger Reserve, tourists come here to view the Indian elephants in the act of ablution and playfulness by the Periyar lake.

  • WII Thrissur Kole Wetlands

    InformationSatellite View

    The Kole Wetlands is one of largest, highly productive and threatened wetlands in Kerala and has been declared in Ramsar Convention for protection and it comes in Central Asian Flyway of migratory birds. According to studies, there are 241 species of birds like spot-billed pelican, darter, Oriental darter, black-headed ibis, painted stork, black-bellied tern, cinereous vulture and greater spotted eagle.

  • WS Wayanad

    InformationSatellite View

    Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is an animal sanctuary in Wayanad, Kerala, India. It has an extent of 344.44 km2 with four ranges namely Sulthan Bathery, Muthanga, Kurichiat and Tholpetty. A variety of large wild animals such as Indian bison, elephant, deer and tiger are found there. There are also quite a few unusual birds in the sanctuary. In particular, peafowl tend to be very common in the area.

Guides & Tour Operators

  • Anytime Tours

    Tour Operator

    This tour focuses on the endemic birds of the Western Ghats and South India. There is a good chance of picking up most of the endemic bird species associated with the Western Ghats. Species include White-bellied Treepie, Crimson-backed Sunbird, Malabar Grey Hornbill, Malabar Parakeet, Nilgiri Woodpigeon and Nilgiri Flycatcher, Ceylon Frogmouth, Malabar Trogon and Indian Pitta…

  • Asian Adventures

    Tour Operator

    Birding tours throughout the sub-continent...

  • Eldho Bird Tours

    Facebook Page

    Eldho Bird Tours arranges Birding Expeditons to Kerala and other bird-rich areas of South India- Tamilnadu & Karnataka. We want all of our clients to share in the excitement and fun of a top-notch birding adventure, and we want to provide the best service possible to both our tour participants and our independent travel clients…

  • Nature & Wild Life Team

    Tour Operator - Facebook Page

    We are passionate about birding, conservation and sharing India's natural history with others by organising outstanding, affordable and responsible wildlife experiences. Our tours are thoroughly researched, meticulously planned, and continually refined using our own inputs from the field, while the fact that we are a small company contributes to the affordability of the prices we pass on to our clients.

Trip Reports

Birds, Birding Trips and Birdwatching Tours in Kerala - Fat Birder (4)
Click on WAND to see Fatbirder’s Trip Report Repository…

  • 2013 [01 January] - David Bridges


    …We arrived at Olivebrook Resort around midday. After lunch, we walked through the forest behind Olivebrook to Grassvena, an area of grassland then on to the hilltop (Pothamedu), birds seen included Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, Yellow-browed Bulbul, Nilgiri Flycatcher, Nilgiri Flowerpecker, Kerala Laughingthrush, Common Rosefinch, Dusky Crag Martin, Pallid Harrier and Tickell’s Leaf Warbler….

  • 2017 [03 March] - Dev - TamilNadu and Kerala


    Even though i have birded the endemic rich parts of Western Ghats (Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Kartnataka), it was not intense and i was in my baby steps during those days. So, with little bit of homework and a list, it’s time to get some intense birding. Munnar became a clear undisputed winner among several others given the different elevations and lots of potential targets. The trip was divided into several legs as this was mainly a trip back home to visit family.

  • 2017 [03 March] - Peregrine Rowse - Western Ghats

    PDF Report

    ... No fewer than a quarter of the species I saw were endemic to the Western Ghats or Peninsula India. Vigors’s Sunbird is also endemic to the northern Western Ghats outside the scope of this report. A list of 203 species recorded in the week follows as well as notes on a dozen species not seen that occur in the Western Ghats....

  • 2018 [03 March] - Jason Boyse

    PDF Report

    The western Ghats in the state of Kerala is one of those well-known birding destinations in India that has a lot to offer and is well worth a visit, having a warm tropical climate that is home to many endemic species. The state is a popular tourist destination and has many attractions. One of the main attractions are the beautiful hillsides of Munnar, covered with tea plantations; this area has over 2000 hotels, many overlooking the picturesque scenery.

  • 2018 [12 December] - Aseem Kothiala - Thattekad Bird Sanctuary


    Typical for any birder, the first desire is getting a lifer and the second a decent image. After being to the region a couple of times earlier discovered that getting good images was surely a challenge. However, now can suggest that the easiest way to see and photograph the species in Thattekad Bird Sanctuary at least , is by visiting it with Eldhose K.V

Places to Stay

Birds, Birding Trips and Birdwatching Tours in Kerala - Fat Birder (5)
Click on WAND to see Fatbirder’s Trip Report Repository…

  • Blue Wings Homestay - Thattekkad


    Blue wings, amidst a forest plantation on the bank of BhoothathanKettu reservoir in Periyar river, embracing Dr. Salim Ali Birds sanctuary has a few acres of land vitalized by tropical medicinal and fruit plants. The flora consists of around 150 larval host and nector plants for butterflies. The plantation forest around, inhabitates wild boars, sambars, deers, Languirs, porcupines etc. and none of the ferocious ones, provides a safe and peaceful stay with lot of recreational facilities such as mud house stay, fishing, country and pedestal boats events in shallow waters, cycling inside and outside the premises, machine assisted tree climbing, shuttle court, swimming, cooking classes, agricultural works, pets caring etc. provision for Ayurvedic treatments also will be arranged on prior demand.

  • Kerala Tourism Development Corporation


    Sprawling mansions set in lovely locales-exotic islands, luxuriant game reserves…on hill sides, by beaches, backwaters. That this description fits most of our hotels is not the only thing that makes one an ideal pick for a tourist. The largest hotel chain in Kerala has much much more to offer.

  • Lotus - Kochi Airport


    Lotus8 A

  • Olive Brook Resort - Munnar


    Olive Brook, a unique, rustic Elettaria Cardamom Plantation Theme Resort, is one of the most desirable places to stay for tourists in Munnar. Embodying the veritable essence of the acclaimed traditional Kerala hospitality, Olive Brook pays meticulous attention to the minutest details to ensure your stay is a perfectly indelible one… Fatbirder Recommended

  • Our Land Resort


    OurLand is an island resort situated on the backwaters of Kerala just 14 kilometres south of Alappuzha in Kuttanad area known as the 'rice bowl of Kerala' due to its wealth of paddy crops.,,

  • Periyar House


    A perfect base to get close to the wild - Located on the banks of the Periyar Lake, Periyar House is a budget jungle lodge, which offers a vantage point for visitors to get close to the wildlife in Thekkady. It is inside the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. For a budget traveller who wish to stay in a wildlife sanctuary this is the best option here.

  • Periyar River Lodge


    The Periyar River Lodge adjoins the Thattekad Bird Sanctuary in Kerala, which currently attracts lot of ardent birders. We also have an accomplished bird guide who takes the guests for birding trips from the Lodge…

  • Royal Retreat


    Quiet, restful. A cozy little place, tucked away in the hills of Munnar. A hideout, if you like, from everyday life. For restful weeks or relaxed weekends

  • Soma Birds Lagoon Resort


    Soma Birds Lagoon Resort presents you a perfect harmony of Ayurveda, Yoga and Nature. Doing Yoga in the serene environs under expert guidance by the backwaters helps elevate the mind to a different realm

  • Tharavadu Heritage Home

    Facebook Page

    Ours is a 120 year old Christian Banglow at Kumarakom, the backwater tourist village in Kerala in India. Ours is an Eco Friendly property located by the side of a River and close to the lake. We provide homely stay, boat cruise, ayurveda body massaging etc. etc. for Tourists

Other Links

  • Birds in Thattekkadu


    Not updated since 2012! Thattekkadu is located in Cochin district at Kerala and is the one of the best Birdwatching hot spots in Kerala…


  • Amitava Nath - Birds of India


    Welcome to my Birds of India blog. For centuries, birds have held a fascination for human world and have been a subject of study. Winged wonder inspire great awe, especially for their ability to fly, their ability to build extraordinarily intricate nests and not least, the brilliant colours of their plumage-features that no human being can replicate. India is the home of more than 1250 species of birds. Peaco*ck is our National bird and every state has its own State bird. One may call India a paradise for birding.

  • Birds of Kerala


    This blog is dedicated to all the photography enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. This is an archive for the birds of Kerala. Most of the photos are only at a quality of reference. I am trying my best to capture the beauty of the birds. At the end I like to publish the contents to a book…

Photographers & Artists

  • Photographer - Sudeesh Thattekkadu

    Facebook Page

    Photographer and bird guide

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

About Me

I am an enthusiastic and knowledgeable expert in birding, particularly in the context of Kerala, India. I have a deep understanding of the avifauna, bird sanctuaries, and wildlife reserves in Kerala. My expertise is based on extensive research and firsthand experience in birdwatching and conservation efforts in the region.

Birding in Kerala, India

Kerala, often referred to as "God's Own Country," is a haven for birdwatchers, boasting nearly 500 species of resident and migratory birds. The region is characterized by lush green tropical forests, freshwater and brackish lakes, and waterlogged paddy fields, all of which form major birding habitats. The area is well-known for its rich avifauna, making it a prime destination for birdwatching enthusiasts [[1]].

Top Birding Sites in Kerala

  1. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary: Situated around a large backwater lagoon, Kumarakom is home to a diverse range of bird species, including kingfishers, cormorants, egrets, storks, herons, jacanas, crakes, terns, and more [[2]].

  2. Periyar Tiger Reserve: Located as a center for observing ornithological specialties of the Western Ghats, the Periyar Tiger Reserve is also home to a variety of resident hill species and migrants, as well as large herds of elephants, bison, bears, leopards, and tigers [[3]].

  3. Silent Valley National Park: This unique preserve of natural rainforests houses a rich mosaic of varied habitats, showcasing an amazing variety of life forms, some of which are endemic to the Western Ghats [[4]].

  4. Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary: Also known as Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, it is the only tropical bird sanctuary in India and a prime birding destination in South India. Notable bird species in this sanctuary include the Spot-bellied Eagle-Owl, Ceylon Frogmouth, Red Spurfowl, Bay Owl, and many more [[5]].

  5. Thrissur Kole Wetlands: These wetlands are a winter wildfowl area of international importance and are famed for birding, with species such as the Red Avadavat, Streaked Weaver, Clamorous Reed Warbler, and Malabar Lark [[6]].

  6. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary: Rich in biodiversity, this sanctuary is contiguous to the protected area network of Nagarhole and Bandipur of Karnataka and Mudumalai of Tamil Nadu. It is home to a variety of large wild animals such as Indian bison, elephants, deer, and tigers, as well as unusual bird species [[7]].

Endemic Bird Species

Kerala is home to a significant number of endemic bird species, with at least 16 species endemic to the Western Ghats. These include the Nilgiri Woodpigeon, Malabar Parakeet, Malabar Grey Hornbill, White-bellied Treepie, and many others. Additionally, there are further species believed to be endemic to the Western Ghats, some of which can be found in Kerala State [[8]].

Conservation Efforts and Organizations

The Cochin Natural History Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity and the natural environment in Kerala. They undertake studies and documentation of biodiversity and provide a platform for those concerned with the conservation of biodiversity and natural history to come together and share knowledge [[9]].

Birding Tours and Accommodation

There are various tour operators and accommodations available for birding enthusiasts in Kerala, offering opportunities to explore the diverse birdlife and natural habitats of the region. These include Anytime Tours, Asian Adventures, Eldho Bird Tours, and Nature & Wild Life Team, among others. Accommodations range from homestays to resorts, providing a comfortable and immersive experience for birdwatchers [[10]].


Kerala, India, offers a rich and diverse birding experience, with numerous bird sanctuaries, wildlife reserves, and endemic bird species. The region's lush green tropical forests, backwater lagoons, and diverse habitats make it a prime destination for birdwatching enthusiasts and conservation efforts. Whether it's exploring the unique bird species or participating in conservation initiatives, Kerala provides a captivating experience for birding enthusiasts.

Birds, Birding Trips and Birdwatching Tours in Kerala - Fat Birder (2024)


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