Hot Wheels Unleashed: 15 Best Cars, Ranked (2024)

Hot Wheels Unleashed isn't only the most polished Hot Wheels experience ever, but it is also one of the best racing games in quite a while. The arcade racer is gaining popularity as we speak due to its stylized yet fun gameplay, which provides dozens of creative options.

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Externally, it might seem like the game is just a marketing stunt made to advertise the actual Hot Wheels products. But at its core, Hot Wheels Unleashed is a polished game that has both quality and quantity. There are 60 vehicles in the game, but not much info is available on which cars are the best. Seeing that, let's deep dive and look at the best vehicles featured on Hot Wheels Unleashed.

Updated on December 28, 2021, by Ritwik Mitra: Hot Wheels Unleashed came out of nowhere and established itself as one of the best arcade racing games to have come out for quite some time. The variety of cars coupled with the solid racing mechanics of this title makes it quite a blast indeed.

While its amount of game modes might not be all that extensive, players who just want to get through some solid races will be more than happy with this game. Of course, Hot Wheels Unleashed is not an easy game in the slightest, and players will need the best cars around to give the opposition a run for their money. Here are some of the best cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed that will completely blow the opposition away.

15 DeLorean DMC-12

Hot Wheels Unleashed: 15 Best Cars, Ranked (1)

Hot Wheels Unleashed features its fair share of car models that have appeared in other popular forms of media. Back to the Future is no exception, with its iconic DeLorean making an appearance in the game.

The DeLorean might not be the greatest car around when it comes to pure racing, but it's still pretty competent against elite opposition. It's a great car to mess around in, especially given how cool it looks.

14 Honda S2000

Hot Wheels Unleashed: 15 Best Cars, Ranked (2)

Hot Wheels Unleashed features its fair share of unique car models and real-life cars that have been miniaturized for the Hot Wheels collection. The Honda S2000 is one such car that definitely fits the bill in this regard.

It's a simple car to use, with its stats being pretty great when upgraded to its highest potential. While there are other cars present in the game, the Honda S2000 is still a great car that can carry racers in high-level races as well!

13 Audi R8 Spyder

Hot Wheels Unleashed: 15 Best Cars, Ranked (3)

The Audi R8 Spyder is one of the most iconic cars ever released. It was only a matter of time before this vehicle would make its way into the very top of Hot Wheels Unleashed cars as well.

Upgrading this sleek-looking car allows for some serious speed and handling as players zoom their way through courses. The R8 is a reliable car in any race and rarely takes any wrong steps.

12 Supercharged

Hot Wheels Unleashed: 15 Best Cars, Ranked (4)

The Supercharged is a great car in Hot Wheels Unleashed that looks like it's built to be the ultimate mix of speed and power. It definitely excels in this regard, with this vehicle being a safe and great option to win most races in the game.

The Supercharged isn't the best vehicle in the game, but it still gets the job done. Given how horrible some of the cars in the loot boxes can be, most players would love getting a Supercharged in one of these blind boxes.

11 Street Wiener

Hot Wheels Unleashed: 15 Best Cars, Ranked (5)

At a glance, it might seem ridiculous to think that a car with a hot dog body is capable of being one of the fastest cars in the game. However, for what it's worth, the Street Wiener is a surprisingly brilliant car.

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It's extremely fast and handles really well, making it a beast in any race. It might not have the greatest brakes around, but most people won't care as long as they race properly and don't end up in avoidable accidents.

10 Power Rocket

Hot Wheels Unleashed: 15 Best Cars, Ranked (6)

The 2018s Super Chromes Power Rocket is one of the most astonishing-looking Hot Wheels cars in the game. With a full metallic body dripped in chrome and a firey-orange engine, it looks like a car that has come from the distant future.

Alongside great speed and braking, Power Rocket has almost rocket-like acceleration, making it the tenth best car in the game. Boost is another addition that gives this one a much-needed edge across the fancy circuits in the game.

9 RocketFire

Hot Wheels Unleashed: 15 Best Cars, Ranked (7)

The Legendary version of 2019 HW Space RocketFire is the ninth-best car in the game. This vehicle looks like a modern batmobile from one of the Arkham games, only with a different style. RocketFire is a deadly combination of speed, acceleration, and handling, with the only downside being the tight turns and braking.

This Hot Wheels exclusive is all-gold with a blue engine and a body that seems like a mix between a rocket and a muscle car. Even though this vehicle isn't the best one in the game, it will terrify the rivals.

8 Winning Formula

Hot Wheels Unleashed: 15 Best Cars, Ranked (8)

This one comes from the 2021 Mystery Models Series 2. Visually speaking, Winning Formula is an F1 car that is very realistic in style. The brand new vehicle is certainly up-to-date in-game as well, with unmatched speed and handling.

Winning Formula looks like not only a Formula 1 car but also tears down the circuits like one. The only turn-off to some might be the overall boost. It only carries one pellet of nitro which is a letdown compared to the other cars.

7 24 Ours

Hot Wheels Unleashed: 15 Best Cars, Ranked (9)

This professional racing car belongs to the 2019 Mystery Models collection. Cleverly titled 24 Ours is one of the few cars that can realistically go 24 hours non-stop. The vehicle is chrome dipped with firey vinyl covering it and looks like a real powerhouse.

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This Hot Wheels exclusive is the maximum speed, acceleration, and handling, making it deadlier than it seems. The downside with 24 Ours is the braking, which is significantly lower than its other attributes.

6 2020 Koenigsegg Jesko

Hot Wheels Unleashed: 15 Best Cars, Ranked (10)

Jesko may be the best handling to power ratio in Hot Wheels Unleashed. This car makes the arcade racing in the game feel like gliding on iced tracks. The 2020 Koenigsegg Jesko comes from the 2020 HW Exotics collection.

The only catch with this one is mastering the controls as its stopping power is too much. Even the Legendary version of Koenigsegg Jesko has only limited braking ability, leaving it in the sixth position on this list.

5 Formula Flashback

Hot Wheels Unleashed: 15 Best Cars, Ranked (11)

Formula Flashback comes from the 2021 Multi-pack exclusives and is the only other F1 car on this list. In terms of attributes, this Hot Wheels exclusive is similar to Winning Formula but takes an edge due to a double boost. Visually, Formula Flashback has a unique pastel magenta color and a silver accent. The tiny dots resembling screws and bolts certainly gives it a rugged look.

4 GT-Scorcher

Hot Wheels Unleashed: 15 Best Cars, Ranked (12)

When it comes to Hot Wheels Unleased, their exclusive cars are dominating the top 5 spots. This semi-vintage-looking colorful vehicle is surprisingly on the 4th spot due to its braking, speed, and handling combination. GT-Scorcher looks like a car that portrays the Hot Wheels brand from color to style.

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The 2021 HW Race Team's GT-Scorcher is playable only if one owns the Hot Wheels - Sportscars Pack. Seeing how it's one of the best cars in the game, this pack is quite worth the gamble.

3 Twin-Mill

Hot Wheels Unleashed: 15 Best Cars, Ranked (13)

Do not mistake this Twin-Mill for the other ones in the game. 2014 Then and Now collection's Twin-Mill is the outcome of a Super Treasure Hunt, and boy is it worth that. The sparkly green car maybe a few years old, but it still carries a punch making it one of the top 3 vehicles in Hot Wheels Unleashed.

Twin-Mill is a lethal blend of speed, style, and acceleration. It looks like a true next-gen Hot Wheels vehicle and pretty surely can be replaced with the next two entries easily.

2 Dragon Blaster

Hot Wheels Unleashed: 15 Best Cars, Ranked (14)

Coming from the collection of 2017 Street Beasts, the Dragon Blaster takes the second spot. From the outside, the Dragon Blaster looks like a toy, which isn't a bad thing. It is a Hot Wheels at the end of the day.

But do not judge the book by its cover, as Dragon Blaster can burn the opponents by its performance. Just look at the boost pallets this vehicle has; combined with its performance, it creates a magical potion for victory.

1 Track Manga

Hot Wheels Unleashed: 15 Best Cars, Ranked (15)

Track Manga is undoubtedly the best amalgam of force and stability. It looks like it belongs in the world of Initial D, with a very authentic Manga style. It also carries a minimal livery and white color, making it one of the most extraordinary-looking vehicles in Hot Wheels Unleashed.

The legendary Track Manga comes from the Nightburnerz 5-Pack collection released in 2020. It is also a part of the Hot Wheels - Sportscars Pack, which is the only way to access this car in the game.

Hot Wheels Unleashed was released on September 27, 2021, and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.


Hot Wheels Unleashed: 15 Best Cars, Ranked (2024)


What is the rarest car in Hot Wheels Unleashed? ›

Volkswagen Beach Bomb

It is the last Hot Wheels vehicle you will unlock in the game after you complete every Quick Race, Time Attack, Boss Race, and Secret Mission of the campaign. Volkswagen Beach Bomb is one of the rarest Hot Wheels to exist, which you will get after completing 100% of the campaign mode.

Do car stats matter in Hot Wheels Unleashed? ›

All vehicles have stats that must be paid attention to. These are Speed, Braking Power, Acceleration, and Handling.

Are there hidden cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed? ›

There are five secret cars to unlock in Hot Wheels Unleashed. Each car has a unique style and can only be unlocked by completing a secret mission. Players can obtain these cars by finishing all the time trials, beating every boss, beating every race, and unlocking all the game's secrets.

What is the most legendary Hot Wheels? ›

1969 Pink VW Beach Bomb

It's a pink van with surfboards sticking out of the back of it, and if you own one, you have the rarest Hot Wheels collectible there is. You and your tiny VW will be the envy of collectors everywhere. There are a few factors that make it so rare.

Should I sell or dismantle cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed? ›

4) Sell (not dismantle) duplicates

Rather annoyingly, the same few cars are awarded from Blind Boxes too often. So go into your collection and sell them. Use the button description at the bottom to ensure you sell a car for Hot Wheels gold, not dismantle for upgrade points.

What is the fastest car on wheels? ›

The fastest speed ever reached by a vehicle powered through its wheels is 737.794 km/h (458.444 mi/h), by the turbine-powered Vesco Turbinator, driven by Don Vesco (USA) at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA, on 18 October 2001.

What is the best boost in Hot Wheels Unleashed? ›

The smallest boost will be red and will give players 1/4 a bar of boost. The middle boost will be green and will players 3/4 a bar of boost. Finally, the best boost will be purple and will reward players will a full bar of boost.

What car is the Hot Wheels so fine? ›

Hot Wheels Buick Roadmaster 1951 ( So Fine )

Is there a DeLorean in Hot Wheels Unleashed? ›

Hot Wheels Unleashed Adds Licensed Cars Like Batmobile, DeLorean, and the Party Wagon.

How many total cars are in Hot Wheels unleashed? ›

Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged arrives on October 19 and retains the fun “little toy car in a big world” presentation with new additions under the hood. Players can now get behind the wheel of motorcycles and ATVs, and the game has over 130 vehicles total at launch.

Which Hot Wheels are worth collecting? ›

Here are some types of cars which are considered the most expensive Hot Wheels cars:
  • Redline Cars.
  • Rare Cars.
  • First Editions.
  • Series & Manufacturing Date.
  • Custom Cars.
  • 1969 Pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb.
  • 1968 “Cheetah” Base Python.
  • “Mad Maverick” base Mighty Maverick.
Jan 11, 2023

Can you get the DeLorean in Hot Wheels Unleashed? ›

Hot Wheels Unleashed Adds Batmobile, DeLorean, And More Iconic Cars To Its Lineup. You can hop into the driver's seat of Batman's Batmobile, Back to the Future's DeLorean, K.I.T.T, and Snoopy's Barnstormer in Hot Wheels Unleashed.


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