[Top 10] Monster Hunter Rise Best Weapons for Solo (And How To Get Them) (2024)

The best tools for a hunter are now within your reach.

The Monster Hunter Franchise has always had a reputation of difficulty associated with its name; Rise, the latest entry into the series, is no exception.

Monster Hunter’s complexity can be attributed to one reason, the weapons. There are a total of fourteen weapons in Monster Hunter Rise, and all of them can be accessed by the player from the beginning.

Despite the multiple weapon options given to the player, Monster Hunter still manages to make every weapon feel distinct. It is a game where a simple switch in equipment has the potential of changing the gameplay drastically.

Unfortunately choosing just one out of fourteen can be a difficult task for anyone starting.

So whether you’re a veteran looking for a new challenge or a beginner searching for your first weapon, here is a list of the ten best weapons in Monster Hunter Rise for playing alone.

10. Sword and Shield

[Top 10] Monster Hunter Rise Best Weapons for Solo (And How To Get Them) (1)

The Sword and Shield

While not as extravagant as Monster Hunter’s other gigantic weapons, the sword and shield is a reliable weapon that has gotten even better with Rise.

Often the sword and shield is recommended to those starting for its ability to do quick and effective attacks. It is also the only weapon that allows the hunter to use items while their weapon is drawn.

The sword and shield also provide great utility, being that it is capable of doing both slashing and blunt damage. This means you can both cut monster parts with your sword and stun them with shield bashes.

Of course, having a shield means you are also able to block incoming attacks. In Monster Hunter Rise, the sword and shield has gained the ability to use guard points.

If you find other weapons too sluggish, or if you just want the ability to cut and stun, give this weapon a try.

What makes the Sword and Shield great:

  • Beginner friendly.
  • Mix of cutting and blunt damage.
  • Quick attacks.

9. Switch Axe

[Top 10] Monster Hunter Rise Best Weapons for Solo (And How To Get Them) (2)

The Switch Axe

While using the switch axe you will have the ability to switch between both a sword and an axe, hence the name. Though the concept of having two weapons in one might sound difficult, the switch axe is fairly easy to use.

The switch axe is an excellent weapon for dealing consistent damage. Thanks to the weapon’s long reach, you can hit monsters even if you stand back a fair distance away.

Using this weapon will see you constantly switching from a hard-hitting sword to a mobile axe, all whilst in a devastating flurry of attacks.

What makes the Switch Axe great:

  • Powerful attacks
  • Long range.
  • Fast combos.

8. Hunting Horn

[Top 10] Monster Hunter Rise Best Weapons for Solo (And How To Get Them) (3)The Hunting Horn

The hunting horn is one of the most beloved weapons in Monster Hunter. That is to say, people love having a hunting horn user on their team, but never seem to want to use it themselves.

As its name suggests, the hunting horn is a horn made for hunting. It is capable of playing music while smashing monsters. The music then either buffs or heals you and your allies, depending on what combo you use.

Its blunt-type attacks also allow you to stun monsters, which is never a bad thing.

Though this is a list focused on solo play, don’t forget that the hunting horn can buff all your stats and still deal a huge amount of damage.

What makes the Hunting Horn great:

  • Buff and heal yourself and others.
  • Good damage.
  • Stunning capability.

7. Hammer

[Top 10] Monster Hunter Rise Best Weapons for Solo (And How To Get Them) (4)

The Hammer

A small weapon that packs a lot of punch, that’s the hammer.

Though it might have both short-range and slow attacks, the hammer makes it all up by packing some of the biggest damage numbers in all of Monster Hunter. This is thanks to the hammer’s ability to charge up attacks while moving around.

Being a hammer main means constantly moving, waiting for the right time to strike with a fully charged hammer, and then bam! The monster is stunned and now you have an even bigger opportunity to deal damage.

If bashing monster heads is your goal, then the hammer is for you.

What makes the Hammer great:

  • Huge damage.
  • Ability to inflict stuns.
  • Easy to use.

6. Dual Blades

[Top 10] Monster Hunter Rise Best Weapons for Solo (And How To Get Them) (5)

The Dual Blades

Dishing out quick cuts is the name of the game for dual blades.

The dual blades are an amped-up version of a sword and shield that focus purely on offense. In the place of a shield is a second sword with which you can do even more damage.

Out of all the weapons in Monster Hunter, the dual blades push the fastest pace of action. With this weapon you will constantly be right in the monster's face, giving them a load of pain.

Choosing this weapon will require you to manage stamina effectively in exchange for damaging combo attacks.

What makes the Dual Blades great:

  • Fast attack speed.
  • Good mobility.
  • High DPS.

5. Greatsword

[Top 10] Monster Hunter Rise Best Weapons for Solo (And How To Get Them) (6)

The Great Sword

The greatsword takes the hammer’s requirement for patience and amps it up to eleven. Of course, this also comes with a bigger boost of damage.

Unlike the hammer, great sword users won’t be able to move at all while charging up attacks.

Using the greatsword by itself is a simple weapon. You charge up an attack and deal damage with a shortlist of combos. The hard part is landing anything.

As the slowest weapon in Monster Hunter, the great sword demands its players to learn monster behavior and attack patterns. In some ways, playing a great sword is the best way for someone to truly learn Monster Hunter.

What makes the Greatsword great:

  • Biggest damage numbers.
  • Long-range.
  • Easy to use, difficult to master.

4. Heavy Bowgun

[Top 10] Monster Hunter Rise Best Weapons for Solo (And How To Get Them) (7)The Heavy Bowgun

The heavy bowgun is a weapon that turns you from a hunter to a full-on tank.

Among the three available ranged weapons, the heavy bowgun is the chunkiest and the strongest. Using the heavy bowgun sometimes feels like you move as slow as a greatsword, but what it lacks in mobility it makes up heavily in power.

In Monster Hunter Rise, the heavy bowgun also gains significant defensive upgrades to its kit. Now heavy bowgun users can counter monster attacks with 'counter shot' or simply move out of the way with the free silk bind glide.

What makes the Heavy Bowgun great:

  • Ranged weapon.
  • Defensive capabilities.
  • Big damage.

3. Light Bowgun

[Top 10] Monster Hunter Rise Best Weapons for Solo (And How To Get Them) (8)The Light Bowgun

The light bowgun is the perfect weapon to start with if you are looking to play a ranged weapon. It is very simple to use, yet deals a good amount of damage.

The play style of the light bow gun is to be on the constant move while peppering the monster with shots. To spice things up you can plant mines on the ground and set up traps.

You can also use a variety of ammo types which provide a good amount of utility to this weapon.

What makes the Light Bowgun great:

  • High mobility.
  • Ammo type variation.
  • Easy to use.

2. Bow

[Top 10] Monster Hunter Rise Best Weapons for Solo (And How To Get Them) (9)The Bow

While the bow attacks slower than both of the bowgun options, it is by far flashier and more complex. It also deals far more damage, provided you learn to manage stamina.

Using a ranged weapon bears the risk of having a shorter health bar, but the bow eliminates that problem by mixing offense and defense. This makes it excellent for solo play.

Bows also have the option of having the highest effective range in the entire game with pierce type, this makes it perfect for beginners to use.

Although there are multiple ways to use a bow, each bow type requires you to learn strict stamina management since dodging is your only defense.

What makes the Bow great:

  • Extremely high mobility.
  • Flashy.
  • Multiple playstyles.
  • Ranged weapon.

1. Longsword

[Top 10] Monster Hunter Rise Best Weapons for Solo (And How To Get Them) (10)The Long Sword

The long sword is Monster Hunter Rise’s premiere melee weapon. It’s so good that some people hate its mere existence.

This weapon can do just about everything. It has long-range, high damage, and good mobility. It’s even pretty easy to learn.

Long sword users will have to learn how to manage a unique mechanic called spirit gauge, which increases the overall damage of the weapon with each level. The spirit gauge also allows you to do an incredibly flashy move known as the helmbreaker.

What bumps this relatively simple weapon up to enormous power levels is its ability to counterattack nearly all monster attacks. A good longsword player and a great one is separated by their ability to counter.

To truly master this weapon, you must first master the monsters. Learning behavior and attack patterns will turn you into a true samurai.

What makes the Longsword great:

  • Long reach.
  • Counters.
  • Flashy.
  • Easy to use, difficult to master.

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[Top 10] Monster Hunter Rise Best Weapons for Solo (And How To Get Them) (2024)


[Top 10] Monster Hunter Rise Best Weapons for Solo (And How To Get Them)? ›

1) Long Sword

The Long Sword is one of the most iconic weapons in the Monster Hunter series. Being one of the most widely used weapons in the game, it has received quite a few notable additions, which enhance its mobility and charge damage output significantly.

What is the most used weapon in Monster Hunter Rise? ›

1) Long Sword

The Long Sword is one of the most iconic weapons in the Monster Hunter series. Being one of the most widely used weapons in the game, it has received quite a few notable additions, which enhance its mobility and charge damage output significantly.

What weapons should I use in Monster Hunter Rise? ›

Best Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise

Dual Blades - Though you can't guard with Dual Blades, you can hit and run fast and easily, and its combos are easy enough to learn. Activating its special Demon mode is as simple as hitting a button and being aware of your stamina.

What is the best weapon in Monster Hunter Rise tier list? ›

Monster Hunter Rise weapon tier list
TierMonster Hunter Rise weapon
SLong sword, great sword, switch axe, hunting horn, charge blade, insect glaive, gunlance
ADual blades, bow, sword & shield, hammer, light bowgun
BHeavy bowgun, lance
Jan 24, 2023

What weapons do the highest damage in Monster Hunter Rise? ›

The Heavy Bowgun is one of the most powerful weapons with its high damage output. The weapon can shoot down monsters with its explosive ammunition. Players can make a fantastic heavy bowgun build with various ammunitions of different elements.

What is the hardest Monster Hunter weapon to learn? ›

Monster Hunter World: Every Weapon Too Difficult For Casual Players (And Just Perfect)
  1. 1 Long Sword (Easy)
  2. 2 Charge Blade (Hard) ...
  3. 3 Dual Blades (Easy) ...
  4. 4 Greatsword (Hard) ...
  5. 5 Bow (Easy) ...
  6. 6 Insect Glaive (Hard) ...
  7. 7 Lance (Easy) ...
  8. 8 Hammer (Hard) ...
Apr 28, 2021

What is the safest weapon in Monster Hunter Rise? ›

The Bow is a versatile and beginner-friendly weapon that deals damage from a safe distance and can imbue arrows with different coating abilities. The Charge Blade is a morphing weapon that can be used as a shield and an axe, and has deadly skills and vials that can be filled for more damage.

What is the best easiest weapon in Monster Hunter Rise? ›

This guide will list the 7 best weapons you should try out as a beginner in Monster Hunter Rise.
  1. Sword and Shield.
  2. Bow. ...
  3. Dual Blades. ...
  4. Lance. ...
  5. Light Bowgun. ...
  6. Hunting Horn. ...
  7. Long Sword. It's no surprise that the Long Sword is a weapon that is perfect for players new to the game. ...
Jan 20, 2023

What is the best weapon to main in Monster Hunter World? ›

14 Most Powerful Weapons In Monster Hunter: World, Ranked
  1. 1 Dual Blades. Dual Blades are arguably the most powerful weapon type in the game.
  2. 2 Long Sword. ...
  3. 3 Light Bowgun. ...
  4. 4 Bow. ...
  5. 5 Charge Blade. ...
  6. 6 Great Sword. ...
  7. 7 Heavy Bowgun. ...
  8. 8 Switch Axe. ...
Mar 19, 2023

What is the best weapon for solo player in Monster Hunter Rise? ›

Best Weapons For Solo Players in Monster Hunter Rise
  1. Long Sword.
  2. Dual Blades. ...
  3. Hammer. ...
  4. Hunting Horn. ...
  5. Great Sword. ...
  6. Light Bowgun. ...
  7. The Sword and Shield. The Sword and Shield in Monster Hunter Rise is a balanced weapon class that is perfect for players who enjoy a mix of speed, mobility, and defense. ...
Mar 1, 2023

What are the hardest weapons to master in Monster Hunter? ›

The Charge Blade is the most complex weapon in Monster Hunter World. Like the Switch Axe, it can shift between Sword and Shield mode, and Axe Mode. However, to utilise Axe Mode, you will be needing to charge the Phials in the top right using Sword and Shield Mode.

What is the fastest weapon in Monster Hunter? ›

Bow is the top tier weapon of all these weapons. Fastest movement with the weapon drawn goes to lance, hunting horn, insect glaive with white buff and heavy bowgun with evade extender 3. Fastest attackspeed goes to dual blades and insect glaive.

What is the popular weapon in Monster Hunter? ›

Insect Glaive

Here it is. The best weapon in the entirety of Monster Hunter World, the Insect Glaive!

What are the most popular weapons in Monster Hunter Rise reddit? ›

Thanks! Longsword, Dual Blades, and Light Bowgun were the top 3 weapons back in 2021.

What is the most iconic Monster Hunter weapon? ›

1) Dual Blades

These dual-wield weapons can be charged into a 'Demon Mode' that raises their attack power and also increases the combo string, with each successive hit dealing more and more damage.


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